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Vernon's Offers Clover Roller Online Slots Game to Customers

Market patterns in online gaming have favored the games of bingo and poker at different times but on June 15th, 2008, according to the largest betting organization in Britain, Vernon's, the brand new gaming rage in Britain is online slot machines. Vernon's backs up its prediction by up-to-date information that states that the company has experienced an increased on their slots players over the period of six months.

The Clover Roller of Vernon's is one of the most well-known slots jackpot game on the Internet and is one of the main reasons why people in Britain love playing online slots. It offers a jackpot of 674,260 pounds and growing by 10,000 pounds a day. The study conducted by Vernon's shows that sixty-two percent of online slots enthusiasts are females and most players belong to the age group between thirty-five years old and fifty years old.

Normally, slot machines have been a major attraction for most land-based casinos on Las Vegas and Atlantic City but it has gained an immense popularity in the United Kingdom because of the record jackpots that it offers. The eGaming Manager for Vernon's, Martin Williams commented that they are very happy with the continuing popularity of online slots in Britain for the last few months and they are hoping that it will continue to do so.

Vernon's, which recently bought Sportech PLC, has a player pool of more than 700,000 players. It also manages almost ninety-nine percent of the country's football betting market.


Kori Woffendin,
Monday, 30 June 2008