New Agreement Recently Made between Virgin Games and

Virgin Games has signed an agreement with, a provider of video content technology.  The deal made between the two companies will be profitable for both and consists of Virgin Games providing video services for every single one of its gaming platforms.

A press release that was released by Virgin Games stated that by introducing new video content technology it will create a more interactive and user-friendly experience for its customers, enabling customers to view video previews of slots games prior to playing them.

Regarded as one of the leading companies in the video technology industry, has worked with a number of distinguished organizations that include media companies and e-commerce groups.

This past September, Virgin Games had given its gaming websites a facelift, updating them to provide the latest functions and a more attractive look.  The incorporation of new video technology content is another one of the steps Virgin Games is taking in its continual efforts to upgrade its sites and improve its players’ gaming experiences.