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Why Play Slots

Why would you play slots over other casino games. What do slot machines provide which you can’t get from the other games? What do Video Slots offer that you can't get from anywhere else?

The biggest reason would be happiness. While games such as Blackjack and Roulette may have a better edge than online slots their players are also constantly stressed and worried. Going over whether hitting or not was the wrong or right move. Fretting about the cards or where the roulette ball ended up.

By contrast, online slots players are carefree and happy go lucky, relaxed and chilled. All you have to do in slots is be able to press a button. You can leave your brain at the front door and take it easy. This is why slots are now the casino’s top revenue maker and their massive success shows no signs of abating. It has grown to the point where casinos would probably be in major financial strife if not for the billions which slots contributed to their coffers.

Not only is it easy to learn how to play slots but slots allow the players to play without too much thinking but the games themselves are interesting. Who wouldn’t want to play a game of slots which is themed to I Dream of Jeannie or Star Wars? Or maybe The Simpsons or CSI? The nostalgia element which the different slot machine types provide is very comforting and reassuring and make players feel at home.

Unlike any other game, slots and online slots are able to capitalise on what is hot and trendy in popular culture and create a slots game tied around it. Recent examples are the Desperate Housewives slot machine which was very popular with the ladies as well as the World Cup themed slot machine which revolved around the recent Soccer World Cup. No other game has the flexibility which slots has.

In addition the bonus round and secondary games give slots an edge which no other game has. Like you have won access to a secret confined room which has loads of treasure which can be won.

All in all slots and online slots offer good wholesome fun and entertainment plus the chance to win some money. Do you need any more reason than that to play?

Jimmi Nelson - Senior Editor