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Woodlands Racing Track Closes Operation for the Time Being

On August 16th, 2008, pari-mutuel racing in the state of Kansas has come to an abrupt end-at least for the time being. The Woodlands had its final night of dog racing before closing down. But it could still reopen if the racing track can finalized a formal agreement with the state over how the revenues from slot machines would be divided between Woodlands and the state.

The Woodlands was busy on Saturday night as racing fans from all over the state and from nearby state came out for the racing track's final night. The owners of the Woodlands racing track had hoped to use the revenues from slot machines that had been given approval at the track to improve the dismal racing operation around. But the track owners say that the state wants to have a big part on the gross revenue for the track to make a decent profit.

The state is demanding sixty percent of gross revenue for eight hundred or more slot machines that would have been place in at the Woodlands racing track. The racing track's closing put more than one hundred thirty employees out of work.


Monday, 08 September 2008
Theo Evans