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Five-Coin Low/High Slots Strategy

How it works

It is largely recognized that a one coin bet is not worthwhile on a five coin machine so the minimum low bet for a five coin machine will be two coins, and the maximum is of course five coins. Each player will choose for himself if he wishes two to be the minimum bet or if three coins is preferable. This decision will be most likely based on the size of ones bankroll; the smaller the bankroll the smaller the minimum bet.

Once the minimum and maximum have been decided on the spins begin; a hit will call for the jumping up and a non-hit for jumping down. In this way a three/five coin session will be begun with a three coin spin; a non-hit will lead to another three coin spin whereas a hit will require the next spin to be a five coin spin. In this way the betting remains at the minimum until the machine is hot at which point it is increased to the maximum, increasing the chances of a maximum jackpot. Unlike the Up The Steps strategy which is far more conservative, one may choose with the Low/High Strategy to continue betting five coins as long as the five coin winning streak lasts. This is both radical and exciting, and is only an option; one who chooses to play a continued five coin run must be prepared for ultimately a 5 coin loss, at which point the step down must be taken.


Because Low/High Strategy allows for only minimum and maximum bets it can be frustrating when a jackpot is won at the minimum level possible, and Low/High can get a little monotonous; up down up down up down. However, it does simplify the process considerably and promotes low losses.

Low/High strategy is a great strategy to get started with, especially on a 5 coin slotmachine. Many will start with and continue to use it because of its black and white approach to betting, high or low no in between. For others Low/High Strategy acts as a good introduction to slot strategy, specifically the step approach to slot wagering; some of the particularly beneficial qualities of Low/High the people find include its simplicity, the need to develop self restraint, and the requirement to stick to the rules. The Low/High Strategy even introduces the slots strategy new comer to the concepts of pacing oneself and patience, and whilst low coin jackpots are obviously not ideal their occurrence allows the player to be exposed to such inevitabilities and to learn to be satisfied with a jackpot whatever its size.

Kori Woffendin