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Bonus Game Slot Machines

To win on slots online it is a must to make use of the bonus game slot machines. A bonus game slot machine will give bonus rounds and free spins for certain combinations and will thereby lengthen the gaming.

Layout of bonus slots

A typical bonus game slot machine won't have a pay table on the main screen. To find out what the winning combinations are you will have to click into the Pay Table section. This will also reveal the bonus features and let you know what symbols are available.

In the bonus game slot machine you select offers so called wild symbols, which means that you have a symbol that works just like a wild card in poker. This symbol can basically be used as any symbol and it generally gives more chances to win the medium high win targets and it will also help you to stay in the game longer.

Another frequently used symbol is the scatter symbol. This symbol will create a winning combination without having to be on the same line. It is usually enough with two scatter symbols to receive some kind of payout. Scatter symbols usually create small winnings but they can keep you playing for longer.

Staying in the game

Having mentioned the specific symbols above, it should be mentioned that it is important to try and stay in the game when it comes to bonus slot machines. The whole idea of the game is to reach the bonuses. Many times the bonuses come with further excitement as they are hidden and depending on which image you choose you receive a specific amount of bonus money.

When a bonus slot machine offers a free spin this brings with it a doubling or even tripling of the standard payouts. This is a feature makes free spins highly attractive as well as the regular bonus winnings.

Some bonus slot machines offer a feature called the gamble feature. This is a way for you to manage your own jackpot. It allows the player to gamble with his winnings. Wins can be gambled for double or nothing up to five times. While this might not bring in huge amounts it can create more successful bets without loosing much money.

How to find the best bonus slots

Players looking for bonus slot machines are most likely interested in many games and intriguing bonuses. There are online casinos that offer all sorts of slots and in order to know just where to play it is a good idea to chat with other players. Sometimes a quick surf online might be enough to reveal where you'll find the type of bonus slots that you are looking for but a good player forum gives a wider variety of places to play. Before you start to play it is worthwhile to find out just what type of bonuses that slot will offer. It might not be so clear by the online casino presentation and it is always a good idea to make use of customer service to make sure that you're playing the most suitable bonus slot machine for you.

Darren G. Strachan