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5-Reel Slot Machines

A 5-reel slot machine is just what it sounds like, a machine with 5 rotating reels that randomly shows symbols that will hopefully match each other. Having 5 reels to match makes the gaming a lot more fun than the classic 3 reel machine and it usually involves many nice bonuses and possibilities to win a jackpot.

Playing slots online:

Ever since the computer became a standard piece of furniture in most western homes a 5-reel slot machine doesn't have to look much like the original classic slot machine. While casinos can play around with the graphics to make the slot machine look similar to its precedent metal box with handle, the idea of the reels being neatly arranged in a row is long gone.

The video slot has made history of the original layout by presenting 5 reel slots that don't look like a 5 reel slots at all. The video machine most commonly displays a grid of symbols that are arranged in rows and columns. When you make a spin it looks like the symbols are rotating in each cell but this is just a visual effect since in reality there are no real reels in the video machine.

Online, this freedom of layout and space is taken even further by the fact that everything is so easily accessible. There is no need to go and find another pub with a slot machine in order to switch. One casino usually has enough to keep its players satisfied for years if not forever. With the constant updates of gaming software a happy customer really doesn't have to switch his online casino as he is sure to be delivered new variants of his favorite 5 reel slot machine all the time.

The specific features of 5 reel slot machines:

Just like the name implies, the only real key feature of a 5 reel slot machine is that it has 5 reels. Everything else depends on the specific machine. This means that a 5 reel slot machine can also be called a progressive, multi-payline and bonus slot machine. While it seems that this slot machine is somewhat short of a personality of its own it is to be found in great amounts in online casinos. The themes greatly vary and the hooked slot player can easily find the 5 reel slot machine that suits him the best.

This also makes way for the possibility of managing the gambling in a way that suits the individual wallet. The original bet and the size of jackpot can be handpicked according to player and mood.

Wild symbols, scatter symbols and special bonus features are to be expected and the presentation of the 5 reel slot machine can be very creative, playing with the imagination of the gambler. It seems like the only down side to this slot machine is that it could be hard to pick which one to start with.

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