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Six Progressive Jackpot Hits at Spin Palace Casino

The Spin Palace Casino recorded six progressive jackpot hits in July 2011. The amount won by these players are still less than what Mrs P. had recorded in August 2010. The lady won a total of $4, 170, and 128.28 in a Summertime slot of Mega Moolah.

This July, two of the winners had their wins on Mega Moolah. Four independent jackpots are offered by this slot game. The top tier was won by Mrs P in 2010. While the winners this year made their wins on the second tier of the slot game, called Major. Four video online slots are also featured on the progressive jackpot.

Two of the winners of last month, participated in the game called Isis. This game is based on an Irish theme. A player from Britain, D.L won a cash amount of £29,726 on July 1 while an Australian player, C.H made a win of A$64,644 on July 12.

Another 2 winners took part in the Cash splash Network. This differs significantly from the Mega Moolah slot. The game is available in two formats- 3 reels and 5 reels. Both are connected to the Mega Moolah jackpot. To qualify for the jackpot, players need to bet 3 coins. So, the total bet amount per spin is $ 3.00, the coin size being kept at $1. A coin size is fixed at $0.20 on the 5 reel format. Players have to wager 15 coins to qualify for the progressive jackpot in this case. The total amount is $3 per spin. R.T made a win of €35,850 on July 27, in this format. P.S earned about €36,738 on the three reels format.

A player from Canada, earlier had won a total of C$22,441, on the slot game Wow Pot. This is one of the first few video slot games at the casino site and is still one of the most popular slots at the casino site.