A Never Before Seen Slots Prize of $2,189,508 was Won at MagicboxCasino.com

Casino member Peter C. was surprised to win the huge jackpot of over $2M after he placed a $16 bet on one of Magicbox Casino's online slots. This consists of the largest prize ever given for an online slot game and for any online casino game.

The colossal prize came after Magicboxcasino.com launched their new website, and is expected to draw huge crowds to what is becoming the most advantageous online casino on the internet.

After his win Peter notes, “I knew it could happen and it’s starting to sink in that I’ve won almost $2.2 million, but I still can’t believe that the largest ever internet jackpot is mine! WOW!!!” His reaction is understandable. All it took is one click of a button of the slot machine game to become an instant millionaire. Even though the online gambling industry is growing at a rapid pace, and experts predict it to triple its size over the next couple of years, this slots win is still a landmark in online gambling that is worth mentioning.

The online slot machine game that won peter the $2M is the "Gold Rally" game, a Western themed progressive slots game that accumulated over time until one player took the whole jackpot.

The Gold Rally slot machine has already been responsible for putting Magicbox casino at the forefront of top online casinos on the internet after the previous $1.8M win, and is now considered the site's most attracting gambling feature.

The Head of Operations for IOG, the organization that owns Magicbox casino, comments “We are thrilled to have created yet another record breaking payout, and we are especially happy for Peter. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person and we wish him the best of luck for the future”.

Magicbox casino has been in operation since 2004, when Intercontinental Online Gambling Ltd. (IOG) first made it available on the internet. This record breaking slots prize is expected to increase the casino's popularity, and place it among the top casinos offering large prizes and great slots odds. Magicbox casino has been operating for less than three years, and its online gambling future looks bright, as it is expected to reach new ground breaking records for slot machines and other casino games.

Marissa Patterson