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Classic Slot Machines

For many people the image that comes to mind when speaking of slots is the three reeled slot machine with a handle on the side to make it spin. This is indeed the classic version and it still can be found in both land based and internet casinos. Today slots have developed quite a bit and machines with the most interesting themes and multiple reels can be found. Online, the variety becomes even greater as both bets and machines can be picked and matched to fit the individual like a glove.

A little bit of history

Classic slot machines have been around since the end of the 1800s when the first prototype was designed by the Bavarian mechanic August Fey. In 1894 Fey opened a factory where he produced three reel slot machines called Liberty Bell slots. Other models were also produced but it was the Liberty Bell that would become the most popular and even work to push the government towards making slots legal. When the slots were still illegal they were often renamed as vending machines. With a little adjustment they were altered to give out prizes in form of candy and cigars.

It was also Fey who invented the first draw poker slot machine. While it wasn't the greatest success back then it has won an audience with time. Today no one even thinks of video poker as a form of slots, it is a category in and by itself.

August Fey had to see his factory destroyed in the great San Francisco earthquake in 1906. While all slot machines but one were ruined, the slot machine as a concept stayed around and its popularity only kept growing and still keeps on doing so today.

Bandits or money machines

A well known nickname for slots is the "one armed bandit." This name used to illustrate how a slot machine was mostly of benefit to its owner. In the earlier mechanical models of slot machines it was common with up to 50% house edges. This was good business for the owner if he didn't have too much of a headache repairing the machine. Today no informed player would accept such bad terms. In an online casino machines offering as little as 0.5% house edge can be found. Of course, today casinos online and on land don't have the same costs for keeping the machines healthy but even so the difference is remarkable. Even if the current slot machines won't make the player rich over night they certainly give more enjoyable gambling and better odds.

Classic slots online

A classic slot machine is traditionally one that stands in a land based casino. Since the Internet has been around for quite a while now people are starting to talk about classic slot machines also online. While a slot machine online can never give the exact same feeling as the real thing it can be pretty close. Playing online also makes way for more variations of the classic slot layout. It isn't unusual to find a so called classic slot machine online with more than three reels. Video slots can have more than five reels and while the older classic slots mostly came with one pay line it is quite common today with multiple pay lines.

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