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Cordish Cos. Slots Plan in Anne Arundel County

The Cordish Cos. is planning on constructing a slot machine casino facility in Anne Arundel County, but they may have some legal impediments ahead before that slots establishment becomes a reality.

A group trying to block Cordish Cos. planned slots casino was successful in their first step against the plan on March 13th, 2010. Shortly after Maryland gave approval for the slots facility, opponents of the plan started to gather signatures to have the slots issue go to a vote in November 2010.

This week, more than 19,000 signatures were accepted and if they are ratified, the vote will be held in November 2010. However, the Cordish Co. believes that many of the signatures collected by the group are invalid. They have filed a lawsuit to declare the signatures invalid because of the methods that were utilized to gain them.

The President of the Cordish Cos., David Cordish, said that anyone can have signatures but the issue is whether they are valid and they believe that the signatures are not valid.

Cordish claims that many of the signatures that were collected to place the slots plan into a referendum were forged and other were collected from individuals who were not informed what the signatures are for.

The lawsuit will now head to the Maryland courts to decide the legality and validity of the slots referendum signatures. Public sentiment regarding the issue in Anne Arundel seems to be divided.

Even if the plan does make it to the ballot in November 2010, there is a big chance that will be defeated by Anne Arundel County residents that are looking forward to the new Cordish Cos. Slots casino.


Thursday, 18 March 2010
Caroline Mitchell