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Meadows Debut High Roller Slots Lounge

On November 30th, 2007, high limit slot equipments are becoming more in demand nowadays. Not only are these slot games are featured in Las Vegas. Casino facilities around the country are arming themselves with high stakes slot machines. Las Vegas casino facilities have high stakes slot machine lounges for players who want to play machines that have a higher denomination aside from the $1 slot machines.

These slot rooms are from $1 up to $25 slot machines. Medium size casino facilities are also starting to make high-roller lounger for slot players. The Coconut Creek Casino in Florida has slot machines where players can wager at least $100 per slot machines. Small casino facilities are now joining the trend. The Meadows Racing Track and Casino in Washington County, Pennsylvania just debut a special high stakes slots lounge.

New regulations that were approved earlier this year have permitted Meadows to add 42 $1 slot machines, 20 $5r slot machines, eight $10 slot machines and 8 $10 slot machines and eight $25 slot machines. The casino facility has allocated those slot machines in a lounge for high-roller.

The slot machines will stay in the room until the temporary facility is closed down to make way for the $155 million permanent casino facility. A customer who frequents the Meadows, Jon Ameche, said that he was very happy with the new slot rooms.


Monday, 31 December 2007
Alex Van Der Butz