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Mix Reactions of Ohio Residents Over Gov. Stricklands Slots Plan

Governor Strickland said on June 20th, 2009 that it has been a difficult choice for him but he believes that the slot machine plan is necessary for the state's survival especially during the financial crisis. The expanded gaming plans calls for the installation of slot machines at the seven racing tracks across Ohio.

The proposal is aimed at producing more money for the state budget and projects that the Ohio officials deemed necessary. Residents around the Toledo Raceway Park have mixed opinions on the slots plan. Brad Luce said that he thinks it is an excellent plan to solve the budget crisis. He added that if it helps solve the deficit he is fine with it.

Jessica Agocs is more skeptical about the slots plan. She said that state officials should weigh the pros and cons of the issue. Is it going to help the state or create more problems? But she adds that she'll be tempted to play because she likes to gamble. Bob McKay, the manager of Frickers, which is near the race way, said that this will be like the introduction of the game of keno in the state, giving another entertainment option to gamers to help keep local money at home.

He added that he has not seen any negative influence made by keno anywhere in the state so he is confident about the slot machine plan. Governor Strickland estimates that the machines will raise $765 million in revenue over the next two years and since it will be operated by the Lottery Commission, the measure does not need the go signal of state voters.


Wednesday, 29 July 2009
Marissa Patterson