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Non-coin operated slot machines

|The scene is well know. A player comes to the slot machine, inserts a coin, and then the machine lights up, and nest thing he knows he is sitting in an enormous pile of coins, having won the big jackpot. However, this scene is soon to be replaced by a very different on indeed. More and more casinos are now using slot machines that do not operate on coins at all. These slot machines work by inserting paper money into a slot, and the, if you win anything, then a coded card comes out of the slot machine.

However may slot machine players feel that this new development in the slot machines is not a good one. They feel that the coins spilling out is part of the excitement of playing the slots, and if you take that away, then there is not much left. Of course, all the lights, and sounds and all the rest will still be there, however, the sound of the coins spilling out of the slot machine will be replaced by an anemic card coming out of the machine. Gone is the excitement that come with the jangling coins that are spit out of the slot machine.