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Vampire Games Live at Bodog Casino

People’s fascination for vampires entails software providers to create games based on the theme. A live vampire based game called Reel Blood is offered by Bodog Casino. Reel Blood is preferred to many other slot games due to its combination of eeriness and elegance.

So how is the game? Reel Blood consists of reels set in a gold grill. The background is pitch black. When the reels start spinning a dirge type of music is played in the background. The reels stop with a staccato sound.

The game consists of protagonists like the victim, the huntress and the Vampire.  The huntress takes out her knife and is ready to kill. The victim exposes her bite marks.  As the high value card symbol appears, blood starts dripping down.

Reel Blood is an All Pays slot game which means that symbols don’t have to be aligned in specific paylines. The minimum wager for this game is £0.25, while maximum per spin is £125. The total wager divided by £0.25 is the multiplier. The amounts displayed on the payout table divided by the multiplier are the wins. Another Auto Play feature is the random progressive jackpots for real money players.

There are two special symbols in the game- wild symbol and scatter symbol. The logo of Reel Blood which is crafted like a tomb stone is the wild symbol appearing on 2cd, 3rd and 4th reels. While the scatter symbol is the RB logo. The Blood Bar bonus initiates with three or more of these symbols appearing on the reels. 15 blood bottles comes on a bar wall which the players choose and accumulate the respective prizes. On choosing a bottle saying ‘collect’, the bonus game ends and a player receives only the points he accumulated for so long.  If the bottle says,’ Win All’, then credits for the rest of the bottles also get added to the player’s total.