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Florida Agents Raided Plinko for Illegal Slots Gaming

On March 30th, 2009, agents raided a business center in Orlando, Florida which they said was a front for illegal gaming. Investigators stated that low income residents from Pine Hills have lost thousand of dollars in a game state investigators say they could not win. Investigators planned to question the head of Plinko and charge him with 3 counts of felony of managing an illegal gaming operation.

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation stated that Plinko had been managing twenty four hours a day while claiming to sell online tome promoted by a raffle. Similar businesses are usually called sweepstakes stores. MBI investigators stated that the business installed monitors inside as slot machines, which imitates casino-style gaming, which is strictly prohibited.

Aside from that, the evidence and statements by the gaming operators showed that the gamers of slot machines and poker games in business not only lose their cash at the gaming operation-with a minimum amount of winners-but they were also losing valuable time, as evidence showed that the winner and losers were not decided by the time and effort that they spend playing the slots and poker simulation machines but the winners were decided at the moment the players paid cash to increase time and raffle entries to their playing card.


Sunday, 05 April 2009
Darren G. Strachan