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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Allows Investigation of Louis DeNaples

On December 10th, 2007, a county grand jury can continue in their investigation into whether Louis De Naples told the truth to the state regulators before they have given him the slot machines gambling license. The Dauphin County grand jury's investigation had been suspended for two months while the Supreme Court reviewed requests filed by lawyers for Louis DeNaples to stop the investigation.

The Attorney's for Louis DeNaples said that slot machine law of the state does not give permission to the county to investigate the licensee regarding licensing issues. The lawyers also said that the district attorney's leading the whole investigation has a personal issue against Louis DeNaples and has taken advantage of the grand jury process.

Dauphin County prosecutors told the high court that DeNaples is trying to get out of serving a jail time. The Supreme Court rejected most of DeNaples' arguments and commented that the county has the power to study the case. Justice Ronald D. Castille said that this case is within the jurisdiction of the county. DeNaples, who recently opened the Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Pocono Mountains, has been subpoenaed to appear before the court.

DeNaples spokesperson Kevin Feeley said that they have not yet read the court's opinion and could not give their side of the story. Fran Chardo, Dauphin County's first deputy district attorney also refrained from commenting on the issue. On Monday, the Supreme Court opened more than 200 pages of documents in the case, including subpoenas for DeNaples and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and an affidavit by Chardo on July said that the grand jury plans to investigate whether DeNaples made some false declarations.

Some of the information that the grand jury is looking for is the agency's investigation report on DeNaples and a transcript of the time when DeNaples was questioned by the board members. Some of the issue that is being connected to DeNaples are his connection to Scranton-area mobster William D'Elia.

Even before he constructed the $412 million Mount Airy Casino Resort, DeNaples was a rich man who gave contributed to political campaigns. DeNaples has his own bank and more than 100 businesses like waste hauling and auto parts. DeNaples has contributed more than $500,000 to political candidates.


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