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Guam Greyhound Park Qualified for November 7 Ballot

The General Election ballot on November 7 will identify whether to allow slot machines to be operated at Tamuning's Guam Greyhound Park or not. It was an initiative that was unanimously certified by the Guam Election Commission yesterday afternoon August 7.

The commission staff has verified the 5,139 petition signatures submitted by the casino supporters. Commission Executive Director Gerald Taitano said, "We went comfortably over." The initiative needed only 4,959 signatures to qualify for the November 7 ballot. Extra signatures were signed to help pass the initiative.

Democratic commission member Larry Ramirez raised an eyebrow to the issues of whether Guam's zoning law would let gambling casino activity in the location where it is near a church, two public schools and a private school.

The commissioner's answers were simple; it is not in their position to raise those types of issues. Their concern mainly is to certify the initiative if it met legal requirements regarding placement on the ballot.

50 people have already cast their vote at the commission office and for the absentees, their ballots have been sent.

Chairman and Democrat Frederick Horecky said, "What can we do then that is going to help the voters understand that they're not to cross over?"

Instead of the paper ballots, John Taitano suggested voters to use the electronic voting machines. 120 electronic voting machines are in the possession of the commission right now.


Thursday, 31 August 2006
Caroline Mitchell