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Marati Faces Defeamtion Lawsuit By Guam Greyhound owner

Jackie Arriola Marati, who is against the legalization of slot machines in Guam, faces a defamation lawsuit filed against her yesterday, August 4, 2006.

She said, "This lawsuit, as a means of intimidation to quiet me, does not surprise me, nor does it deter our efforts to speak the truth about this initiative."

Guam Greyhound and its owner James Baldwin sued Lina'la Sin Casino's spokeswoman and two more dozens of people. The charge filed against Lina'la and Marati is about giving the media "a steady stream of inflammatory lies."

Attorney Richard Pipes said, on behalf of Greyhound and Baldwin, the accusations made by Lina'la "are the worst type of defamation because they not only harmed the business reputation of Mr. Baldwin, and by extension his business, Guam Greyhound, but also falsely accused Baldwin of criminal misconduct."

"These lies are designed to tarnish Guam Greyhound owner Baldwin's reputation that people will vote against slots because they have been convinced that Mr. Baldwin is not a good person. This is unfair to Mr. Baldwin, to Guam Greyhound Inc. and all its employees, customers and vendors... and the voters of Guam who are being misled by Marati and Lina'la" added Attorney Pipes.

Until Marati's legal counsel is finish reviewing the case, Marati could not comment on the allegations she is facing. Instead she said, "there are those who have sought to harass me to prevent an honest and open dialogue about the issues. I would like to say... that my mother, the late Sen. Elizabeth P. Arriola, suffered many harassing, intimidating and threatening situations throughout her life fighting for the many causes to protect our island and our community."

The Greyhound Inc. is now "fighting for survival."


Monday, 04 September 2006
Caroline Mitchell