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Lottery Commission and Camptown Greyhound Fails to Reach Final Slots Agreement

On January 6th, 2008, a lot of people have been shocked to hear that the $30 million renovation at the Camptown Greyhound which will now be known as the New Frontier, has come to a stop $8 million into the casino project.

The general manager for the racing track, Kevin Allis commented that the renovation come to a halt because the racing track and the Kansas Lottery Commission failed to finalized a contract agreement. According to the Senate Bill 66, each racing track facilitator must negotiate a contract with the lottery.

In their first proposal, the officials of Camptown petitioned to keep about twenty five percent of their net revenues for facility management and an additional fifteen percent for their operational costs. The commission's offer does not include the fifteen percent operational costs. Allis commented that without the cash for their operational cost, the racing track tend to lose $2 million.

The main purpose of the slot machines is to put additional cash to the state's treasury but the lottery commission must also remember that the owners and the racing track must earn something in order to let the racing track remain open. Both the commission and the track official must find a way to finalize an agreement.

It is unreasonable on the part of the commission to expect the track to run without any earnings but to allow casinos to keep 75% of their profits and the track to keep only just 25%.


Thursday, 17 January 2008
Marissa Patterson