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Rachael Romanick Wins $33 Milion Dollars in IGT Slot Machine Jackpot

On April 15th, 2009, a thirty-eight year old Reno woman won the slots jackpot in Northern Nevada. Publicist Tiffany East said that Rachael Renee Romanick, a mother of four, won more than $33 million while enjoying the slot machines at Terrible's Rail City Casino facility in Sparks.

Romanick said that she was enjoying "Megabucks"-International Game Technology's 2nd biggest slots jackpot game-four about ten minutes when she hit the jackpot. Romanick said that she did not event want to go but a friend convince her to go.

Barry Philips, the general manager of Terrible's Rail City said that when Romanick was in disbelief when she hit the slots jackpot. Phillips said that before winning the $33 million jackpot, she also won a $600 jackpot earlier in the day.

Rail City officials and International Game Technology Vice President Ed Rogich stated that they are happy that a local woman won the jackpot prize. Phillips said that this is a life changing experience for her since she's unemployed and needs to take care of her four children.


Sunday, 19 April 2009
Kori Woffendin