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Pennsylvania Studies Shows Players Like Playing Slot Machines Compare With Other Casino Games

On June 24th, 2008, the state Health Department officials has started collecting data on the gaming habits of Pennsylvanians and a study found out that 1 of every 6 residents players on slots machines in a twelve month period. Just last year, Health officials added gaming questions to a month phone survey named the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Systems.

Similar studies are made all over the country to keep track of the health conditions of the state residents and risk behaviors. Health Department spokesperson Stacy Kriedeman commented that officials of Pennsylvania want to utilize the information to keep an eye on gaming trends as more casino facilities opened for business. When the study was conducted, six slots facilities were open for business, within the next few years, there could be fourteen slots casinos operating in the state.

The monthly surveys made from July through December involved interviews to 6,600 people. Of those survey respondents, 43% commented that they have played some form of game in the past twelve months. Among those who played, around 41% played on slot machines. The survey did not ask about the frequency that they have or other forms of gaming. Around 1% stated that they have experienced some form of problems regarding their gaming activities.

Around forty-eight percent of the households with an income of more than thirty-five thousand dollars in earnings reported that they have played some form of casino games, compared with thirty-eight percent of households who have earned less of that amount. Female players also played slot machines more than Male players by a 3:2 margin.

Kriedeman commented that the information will help with the public information campaign regarding gaming problem. National studies have estimated that around 1% to 3% of adults have gaming addiction.


Sunday, 06 July 2008
Theo Evans