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Dr Lovemore online slots

Dr Lovemore online slots are extremely popular slot machines that seem to have everything - Graphics, odds for winning and a cool theme. Play this slots variation by playtech's online casino software and you'll enjoy every minute of it.

NO. Of Reels5
NO. Of Paylines 20
Min. Bet$0.01
Max. Bet$1000
Highest Jackpot10,000
Winning Combinations39
Special Features20 Paylines, Free Spins, Wilds, Scatters
Where to PlayInitial Bonus
Casino Las Vegas$400(Bonus Details)
50 Stars Casinoup to $2,000(Bonus Details)
Swiss Casino$400(Bonus Details)
Casino King$300(Bonus Details)
Magic Box Casino$567(Bonus Details)
Las-Vegas Live Dealer$400(Bonus Details)

Additional Information

  • This game is a superb online slots game, with scatters, 20 paylines, bonus rounds and 39 winning combinations. It almost guarantees you get home with a lot of earnings.
  • The game has amazing graphics and animation, and attractive graphics and sounds for the player to enjoy. Dr Lovemore will also teach you how to please your woman, with wine, fruit, perfume and slots!

Winning the Jackpot - five wild cards and you'll be able to become Casanova with the money you'll make.