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Progressive Slots

In the case that you win, Progressive Slots are the machines that will get you the most for your money, by far. There are several different types of Progressive Slots out there, yet they are all similar in that the payouts fluctuate. Progressives are all connected to one central bank, which can be within the casino itself, or a number of casinos with progressives could all be connected to the same bank. The jackpots on Progressive Slots sometimes reach millions of dollars, especially if no one has won for a long time.

There are players who are put off by the odds presented by these machines. On some Progressive Slots, the odds of winning the big jackpot are 40,000,000 to 1! If you are seeking to play and win, or at least to maximize the time that you are spending at the casinos, then perhaps Progressive Slots are not for you. However, there is something to be said for the excitement of playing these machines, so it is a good idea to allocate some money, especially for the Progressive Slots.

When playing Progressive Slots, always play for the biggest jackpots and bet the maximum number of coins. Most Progressives do not pay the big jackpot to players who do not bet the maximum. In addition, since your chances of winning are so slim, you have nothing to lose, provided you set aside a certain amount of money for the Progressive Slots and do not exceed that limit.

There are roughly 3 types of Progressive Slot machines:

  • Stand Alone Progressive Slots
  • Proprietary Progressive Slots
  • Wide Area Progressive Slots

Stand Alone Progressive Slot machines are not linked to any other machines, and they have a meter on them that shows the jackpot. Usually they pay the same amount as other machines of that denomination, but distribute the money so that you can win from them, even if it is not the big jackpot. Usually, the jackpots on these slot machines are far lower than the other Slots.

Next, Proprietary Progressive Slots are a group of machines that are linked to one another. This may be only in the specific casino, or in a group of casinos owned by the same gaming company. While their prizes may not be of the million-dollar-life-changing variety, they can still be quite substantial.

Finally, Wide Area Progressives Slots are of the true million dollar variety. These slot machines are owned and operated by a gaming company that is independent of the casinos. Hence, a jackpot could be built from thousands of different machines all over the country, and that explains why the prizes are so high. However, bear in mind that you have the smallest chance of winning the big jackpot with these machines.

Article submitted by Eric Purcell on 22-12-2005