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Hands down, slot machines stand out as the most popular game offered at casinos. They go by different names and have all kinds of variety. Different parts of the world may refer to slot machines as fruit machines, poker machines, pokies, and poker machines. Most contain 3 or more reels which spin at the pull of a lever. Landing on matching symbols awards money based on different paylines and the value of the symbols.

According to the VegasMaster Casino Guide, each version of slot machines has slightly different features. Classic slots also known as fruit machines in the United Kingdom, usually contain 3 reels with 3-5 paylines. Common symbols on classic slots include 7’s, cherries, and other fruits.

Video slots have also become popular among online casino casinos. They usually have 9, 15, 25, or even 243 paylines with different bonus symbols like scatters, wilds, and bonus games. 3D slots have similar rules to video slots, but as the name would indicate, this version features state of the art 3D graphics.

Slot machines often contain special bonuses. The wild symbols usually substitute for all other symbols while the scatter can appear on different reels and award extra money, free spins, or multipliers that increase payouts. Many slot machines also contain progressive jackpots that can award substantial amounts of money, sometimes in the millions depending on the jackpot pool.

Fun Fact: Many may wonder about the association of slot machines with fruit symbols. During the production of early slot machines, gambling remained a controversial topic. Because of this, slot machines gave out winnings in the form of fruit flavored chewing gum to circumvent gambling laws. The cherry and melon symbols represent different flavors of bubblegum that the player would win instead of money. The BAR symbol that still appears on slot machines represents the early logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company who manufactured the chewing gum slot machines.