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Video Slots

Video Slots differ from classic slots in that there are no actual reels to pull. Originally, there were reels which physically spun around. As technology has taken over, Video Slots have seen that these have been phased out. With Video Slots you can have as many as 7 reels. All online Slots are actually Video Slots. The special features of Video Slots which endear them heavily to players are the bonus rounds. On the bonus rounds the player is eligible to win bonus credits via a series of new tasks and challenges.

Video Slots also have large jackpots, including progressive jackpots, because the chances of winning them are remote now that there may be 30 symbols on each reel and you had 7 reels, leaving you with an endless amount of combinations.

The beauty of Video Slot machines is that they imitate the various slot machines, such as 3-Reel Slots, 5-Reel Slots, Progressive Slot, as well as Bonus Slots. Hence, Video Slots enable players to choose the type of Slots game they are interested in playing by making the following choices: number of reels, number of payout lines, and coin denomination.

Caroline Mitchell