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3 Reel Slots - Three Reel Slot Machines

3-Reel Slot machines are the classic version of Slots, but there are slots with more reels, most notably 5-Reel Slots. The original Liberty Bell slot machine had 3 reels, which is why it maintains its status as the classic slot machine design.

In the case that you bet the maximum amount on a 3-Reel Slot machine, it can give you as many as 5 possible payout lines, with the 3 horizontal and 2 diagonal lines all paying.

Since 3-Reel Slots have only 3 reels, they having far less possible outcomes. The reels are weighted to prevent paying out all the time. If it wasn't for the weighted reels, 3-Reel Slots would have superior odds to video slots.

Caroline Mitchell