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Online Slots Strategy

The player selects the number of coins to wager (from one to three coins) and activates the machine to generate a set of three symbols. In online or video slots this is done by clicking the designated lever. In manual slots a lever has to be pulled. If the set of symbols correspond to an entry on the payout table then the player’s account is credited accordingly. Hence the only decision the player makes is the number of coins to be wagered and online slots strategy is centered on this.

Slot machines entice players to play with three coins all the time. They do so by paying a bonus jackpot if three coins are wagered. However the probability of getting a jackpot is very low and for many the enticement is not enough. This more so, because wagering three coins every time quickly eats up the bankroll. Hence players have worked out different online slots strategies to suit their specific needs. Some of these are briefly discussed below.

Up the Steps is an online slots strategy that is good for low rollers because it stretches the bankroll by having only one coin wagered during losing streaks. At the same time it ensures that players have 3 coins wagered during winning streaks so that they can cash in while the going is good.

Patterns is an online slots strategy specially meant for players who believe in lucky sequences. The more aggressive players use patterns that are dominated by three coin pulls. There are many patterns a player can choose from but once he decides on a pattern he sticks to it. To reduce heavy losses the players use stop loss techniques.

Chickens is an online slots strategy in which players change machines after playing out a set sequence. They are in search of that elusive machine that will fetch them the jackpot. The action of players running from machine to machine resembles a chicken running around and this gives the strategy its name.

Squirrels online slots strategy derives its name from the act of squirrels storing nuts for use in winter. In this strategy the players keep aside a part of their winnings so that they do not lose it all later. The only problem with this strategy is that it works only if the player gets a dream run early on so that he has winnings to keep aside. Unlike nuts, winnings do not grow on trees.

3 Star online slots strategy is a variant of Up the Steps. The basis is that one win does not start a winning streak and one loss does not start a losing streak. Hence the players fix a designated number of losses or wins only after which they change gears. If these numbers of wins or losses are not achieved then the players continue with the decided sequence.

Simple is an online slots strategy meant for aggressive risk taking players with small bankrolls – the all or bust types. A winning pull leads to the player immediately wagering three coins, whereas in the case of a losing pull the number of coins wagered is reduced by one.

Darren G. Strachan