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Slot 5-coin Strategy, the Shotgun

The Shotgun strategy is called thus because it involves quick fire short play on a number of different machines. A group of machines should be selected each of the same type, i.e. 5 coin. These machines can be in one bank or spread out, but it is usually best, for practicality’s sake, to pick machines in the same vicinity, thereby enabling easy and quick access. The number of machines in the group to be played on may vary, but the strategy applies the same no matter how many are used. If for example you choose to play on a group of 6 machines, a bankroll of at least 90 coins must be in the player’s possession at the beginning of the session; on 25c slots this adds up to a starting total of $22.50. Those 90 coins are divided equally between six machines, 15 each. 15 is the number of total coins that will be inserted into each machine, in a very specific stepped order; 1-2-3-4-5. This means that the first spin on a machine will be with one coin, the second with two and so on. This pattern will not change depending on the wins or losses but rather will be stuck to no matter what the outcome of a spin is. When one 1-5 sequence has been completed the next machine is moved on to and the sequence is started again. Once all of the six machines have been played that particular session is over. If a machine hits, which a number of them inevitably will, the same amount of money as was entered for the hit must be inserted into the machine. In this way, the maximum you will ever put into a cold machine is 15 coins, whilst a hot machine will be played on for as long as it is hot. There are variations in the Shotgun strategy to adapt for both larger and smaller bankrolls. Should you have a smaller bankroll to play with you may choose to play 6 machines with just 1-2-3 coins rather than going all the way to the max bet. Alternatively, you may wish to stick with the 1-2-3-4-5 play but choose to play on only 4 machines. Conversely, if you have a larger bankroll you may wish to play on a higher value machine; so long as you have 15 coins for each machine you can play at as higher level as you wish. The Shotgun strategy tends to yield more modest yet consistent wins than large one-off wins; it allows for longer play at a greater variety of machines, and when played with sensible naked pulls and loss limits, controls the rate of play and length of session. All in all, the Shotgun is a good choice for extended slot play.

Marissa Patterson