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Strictly Slots Magazine Review

Many people think that slots are dull games, and if there is no interaction with other people, and no challenge, it is a game that hold little or no interest for them. However, it has been shown that the slots are among the highest bringers of revenue in the casinos. Hence, it stands to reason that they should have a magazine of their own. Such a one is the Strictly Slots magazine.

The premier magazine for serious slots players, Strictly Slots can be read by anyone who has even a passing interest in the slots and the way that they work. Filled with practical, breezy information, it is an invaluable source of news for any one who is seriously considering becoming a slots player.

Whether you are experienced or just starting out, it is the magazine for you if you are looking for the best in slots news, updates, special offers and more. In fact, it is without a doubt the greatest source of slots news that you will ever find, and as opposed to other gambling magazines that put other game first, Strictly Slots puts Slots Foremost!

Reviewed by Thomas Cagney 13.07.05