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Squirrel Slot Machine Strategy

The basic assumption behind the squirrel slot machine strategy is that some slot machines are lucky for some players whereas others are not. Each player has to find the slot machine that is lucky for him and then stay with the machine till his luck starts running out.

The squirrel slot machine strategy begins like the chicken slot machine strategy. Players decide a pattern depending on their bankroll and risk level. They then keep on moving from machine to machine after playing the same sequence on each machine. Once they come to a machine that gives them substantial returns over their bankroll the squirrel slot machine strategy comes into play. Suppose that the player started with $50. While playing on a slot machine as per his decided sequence he gets a dream run and has $40 in winnings in addition to his $50 bankroll. Now there is no need to run like a chicken to another machine. In accordance with the squirrel strategy player continues to play at the same slot machine. He first puts aside his bankroll. He then puts aside half of his winnings, which is $20 in this case. This action is like storing away nuts for winter and gives the slot machine strategy its name. With the remaining $20 he runs the same sequence that had generated the winnings on the same slot machine that had generated the winnings. If the player loses, he keeps on playing till the $20 runs out. His tryst with this particular slot machine is then over. He can call it a day having won $20 or he can start all over again with his $50 bankroll. However if in the course of play substantial winnings result again, then the squirrel slot machine strategy is applied once more. Say the $20 has been converted to $50. Then the player keeps aside the $20 and also half of his winnings, which is $15. So the player now has stored away a total of $55 in addition to his initial bankroll. He continues to play with $15. The squirrel slot machine strategy is then repeated over and over again.

The exact nature of the playing sequence is not governed by the squirrel slot machine strategy. Players can choose any sequence they like. Two sequences are commonly used with the squirrel strategy. The first is Up the Steps. In this the players increase the bet by one every time they win till they reach a level of three and decrease the bet by one every time they lose till they reach a level of one. The other sequence is known as patterns in which players use a predetermined pattern. It is important, however, that the player sticks to one method of betting throughout. It is true that squirrel slot machine strategy relies on one large winning streak. The advantage of the strategy is that once the winning streak happens, the squirrel slot machine strategy ensures that the player does not fritter his winnings away.

Marissa Patterson